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The Australian Society of Herpetologists Inc. is a society for professional herpetologists and publishing amateurs. The Society is incorporated in the Australian Capital Territory and is administered by a council of seven members. The Society meets at intervals of between 12 and 18 months, usually in a residential situation away from a major city. Meetings take the form of sessions of scientific papers and a business meeting.

Membership is by nomination by two financial members of the Society who will vouch for the acceptability of the prospective applicant.

Dues are currently AUS $35.00 per annum for non-students and $15.00 for full time students. All fees must be tendered in Australian currency and cheques made payable to: Australian Society of Herpetology Inc. Fees are due in June every year.

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  1. Professional scientists and scientifically-interested amateurs, who are engaged in herpetological research may be admitted to Membership of the Society, at the discretion of the Council. Recommendation of a person for Membership shall be made in writing by any two financial Members. The candidate shall furnish to the Secretary details of name, address, work and interests for inclusion in the List of Members.
  2. Each Member is responsible for notifying the Secretary of their registered address and email address, and of any changes, to which formal notices required under these laws may be sent.
  3. Membership shall not be considered effective until the first subscription has been paid.
  4. No member shall be at liberty to withdraw from the Society without previously giving notice in writing via mail or email to the Secretary of their intention to withdraw, and returning all property of the Society in their possession. Members will be considered liable for the payment of all subscriptions due from them up to the date at which they give their written notice of their intention to withdraw from the Society.
  5. If in the opinion of the Council the conduct of any Member of the Society, or any act done by them, be injurious to the interests of the Society, the Council may call on such Member to show cause why they should not be expelled from the Society; and unless within one calendar month they shall show such cause to the satisfaction of the Council, the Council may direct that their name be erased from the List of Members, and they shall thereupon cease to be a Member of the Society.


  1. The annual subscription shall be fixed by the Council.
  2. The financial year will commence on 1st July. Members elected between 1st January and 30th June shall, upon payment of the first annual subscription, be credited with payment of the annual subscription for the following financial year, unless they wish to receive publications for the current year.
  3. Subscriptions shall be due on the first day of the financial year, and no Member shall be entitled to the privileges of Membership until the subscription for the year is paid.
  4. If the annual subscription of a Member is twelve (12) months in arrears, the Council may, after due notification to such Member, remove their name from the List of Members, but after payment of all arrears may reinstate the name of a Member under this rule.

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